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Botanical Self Healing and Canine Coaching

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I am Tracy Brind, owner of Canine Senses - Practitioner of Botanical Self Healing in Dogs and Canine Coach.

I have worked with dogs for nearly 40 years so I bring with me a wealth of knowledge from my time working as a Veterinary Nurse, Puppy Pre-School Leader and Holistic Practitioner.

During 2020 I took my business on-line and am delighted to be able to offer my services to a wider client base by working via Zoom.

Please feel free to browse away and contact me to discuss more about what I do and how I can assist you and your dog.

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About Me

Having grown up with animals it seemed only natural to dedicate my career to them!

I have worked with dogs professionally from the age of 16 as a Veterinary Nurse and Pet Health Counsellor,  a Puppy Pre School Leader and Client Educator.  I then added the power of plant medicine and became 1 of only 200 certified Practitioners of Botanical Self Healing in dogs.  

*  Practitioner of Botanical Self Healing in Dogs
*  Advanced Pet Health Counsellor - Diploma
*  Behaviour Diploma - BVNA
*  Puppy Training Specialist Certificate - Dog Training College
*  Advanced Certificate in Raw Feeding, Nutrition and Holistic Health
*  Certificate in Canine First Aid
*  Photizo Practitioner
*  NLP Practitioner

Current Studies
I am currently studying to become a certified Animal Centered Education Trainer (ACE) with Sarah Fisher - Tilley Farm.

I carry out CPD regularly to keep myself up to date with current training and holistic advances and am a member of All About The Dog Academy.

It is my mission
to support
 you and your dog
to live your
best life together.


Tracy Brind


I couldn't recommend working with the botanicals and Tracy enough!  We adopted a Romanian rescue dog Maggie in June who was terrified of everything, she sat in the corner for 3 months and we couldn't even look at her.  

The only way to interact with her was via the oils which she has loved from day one and it was lovely to do something positive with her (which also allowed her to destress and relax).

Tracy was there to provide support and advice throughout the process and as Maggie's confidence has grown we've moved from hydrosols to the essential oils.  

We're continuing to use them to support her with new environments and Tracy has always been there for guidance.  


You undoubtedly have a magical touch with dogs and I am so pleased we were introduced to you for help with our dog Spot.

He is doing really well with the botanical healing which has been very positive and I am so pleased that it has opened my eyes to these different avenues.

It is very interesting and intriguing to see you at work in these session.

Your additional help with different training tips has also been very well received.


Tracy has vast experience due to Veterinary background and her advice is first rate, accurate and very professional.

200% recommended.


Botanical Self Healing for Dogs (Zoopharmacognosy) is not a substitute for Veterinary care, it is a complimentary practice.
If your dog is unwell your first port of call should always be your Vet.